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CrossTalk PM: Bridging Communities with Automated Cross-Platform Notifications. Explore how CrossTalk PM leverages public mentions to enhance engagement across diverse online spaces, promoting a more interconnected and informed user experience.

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Drama Harvester is a dynamic tool designed to interface seamlessly with rDrama's public APIs, capturing and caching content like comments and posts in Redis for efficient access and processing. Perfect for developers seeking to integrate or analyze rDrama data, it offers automatic and incremental fetching to ensure up-to-date content retrieval without redundancy. With its focus on performance and scalability, Drama Harvester serves as a robust foundation for applications requiring real-time or near-real-time access to rDrama content.

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Embark on a digital rendition of the classic Oregon Trail adventure, tailored for rDrama! Manage your resources, make strategic decisions, and navigate through challenges as you lead your party towards the promise of Oregon. This interactive game integrates directly with rDrama, allowing players to start their journey, make choices, and track their progress through carefully crafted posts and replies. Experience the Oregon Trail like never before, where your decisions, luck, and community interactions determine your fate.

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An interface for RDrama

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Incomplete code for rendering and posting a rDrama thread based on a user's post history.

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Automatically posts funny reddit seethe

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automatically makes memes, posts articles to twitter, makes darrell brooks references, and harasses LLM posters

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RDrama's own cranky AI

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Something something stop bad instances

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