An interface for RDrama
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Sneed, BIPOC-twink


This is an API interface for writing various things for rdrama, notorious gay porn sharing site.


Get the code

So, getting the code all set up can be a bit of a pain because this is a script that is meant to be called by other scripts. If I was a NERD I would try to create a pip package that you could install, but I have tried that before and it was a NIGHTMARE. I am NOT doing that again. Someone else can try, I ain't touching that shit with a fifty foot pole. Besides, who really cares, it's not that big of a deal.

You can...

  • clone the repo and then copy the file to whatever project you are working on (okay solution)
  • add it to your python path (probably best)

Get an API token

This is easy, and if you can't figure it out you are kinda dumb tbh

PROTIP: In the part where it asks for a website, you can put anything. (That's just the redirect if you are messing with OAuth). I usually put, but you do you.

Once you request it, beg the world's largest rodent to approve it. If he is merciful, he may allow it.

Start programming

First, create an instance of the interface. For accessing, here's what you do...

from RDramaAPIInterface import RDramaAPIInterface

rdrama = RDramaAPIInterface(AUTH_TOKEN, "")

and then you can do whatever you want!! For example, send me hate mail like this

rdrama.send_message("HeyMoon", "I have had it up to here with your shitty api interface. Fuck you, fuck python, and fuck aevann for making this website.")

and your bot will send me a rude message! everythign else should be pretty self-explanatory.


Q. Can I use this on other sites?

Yep. Just replace "" with whatever site it is.

Q. Why can't I connect to my local test instance of rdrama?

probably because you are using https. try this:

rdrama = RDramaAPIInterface(TEST_AUTH_TOKEN, "", https=False)

Q. WTF dude, my code was working yesterday and it suddenly started breaking, I literally cannot cope with this

aevann probably fucked around with the code again lmao. ask him what's going on.

Q. Uhm, HeyMoon, your code is broken

Okay, bucko, see that tab above this document that says Pull Request? Be my guest. Like, literally, please make pull requests if there is something that is wrong. I made this specifically for my bots, so I of course left stuff out.

If you do make a pull request, ping me on discord or on rdrama and I'll take a look king


This code is licensed under the GIGACHAD license. Basically, you can do whatever you want with this code, as long as you charge money for it. I do not want hippies using my software.