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Aevann f344cdd36f nginx - use multithreading for serving static files 3 weeks ago
Aevann 0c303b81a3 move CSP to nginx again 3 months ago
Aevann b3e6cdd9d0 add report uri everywhere 3 months ago
Aevann 6114111654 tighten CSP 3 months ago
Aevann1 d236bea60e nginx changes 4 months ago
Aevann 5c2dab73c7 stop using pusher (#37) 4 months ago
Aevann1 8b985a6ac9 CSP expansion 4 months ago
Aevann1 ef5c24cae5 make sure resources have all headers too 4 months ago
Aevann1 bf9a2398da add nginx to docker 6 months ago
Snakes 81dda4f6cc
Serve static user content with nginx. 6 months ago