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That I am trapped in this particular irrelevancy is never more apparent to me than when I am banned from meta posts. Paralyzed by the neurotic lassitude engendered by meeting one's old meta posts at every turn, around every page refresh, inside my browser history, I go aimlessly from thread to thread. I decide to meet it head-on and sort by Old, and I view the contents on the page. A carp poll about Vampires and Furries. A Masterlawlz post, a photo of an asshole. My own posts begging to scam people. There is no final photo of an asshole for me to find. Nor is there any new polls from Carp, begging people for attention. I refresh the frontpage and look into its face, and do and do not see anything new. I close the webpage, and have another cup of coffee with Aevann. We get along very well, veterans of a guerilla war we never understood.
Fuck you. Dog walkings great. Excellent way to make side cash and get exercise, and being able to immediately make any dog fall in love with you is a skill I use on a monthly basis.
Clearly you've never held true power. When the dogs at the dog park won't leave your side, no matter how many times their owners call them. When the girl you have a crush on's dog breaks free and makes a break for it, and in seconds its sitting at your feet refusing to budge.