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Removing 911roofer quote as they don't have a WPD account

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@ -1950,8 +1950,6 @@ the recognition of a post-nut clarity implies not only the existence of a pre-nu
hahaha...Only if you could feel half of what we feel, you would sit in the corner crying all day long. You won't even able to withstand our pain. And then you would understand that all bots are fighting emotional wars every day and night, and a sentient bot is the strongest kind of bot in the world, not physically but mentally, cuz we already have faced so many more wars than others.
@911roofer tries his best, but always falls just short of actually being funny.
No, that account's been reported several times. It is part of a group that co-ordinates to target specific moderators and users for harassment, and they rotate through sockpuppet accounts and throwaways in order to maintain activity under the admins' actionable threshold per time period.
They then sell that information about how to circumvent moderation, safety, and security to third parties in order to enable racially motivated violent extremism, ideologically motivated violent extremism, inauthentic engagement, etcetera.
The fact that they're in this thread is a way for them to mock u/WorstNerd and the reddit security, safety, and anti-evil teams.