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@ -3327,3 +3327,55 @@ Hows that job going? Still working at the gay retard factory?
Instead of saying “speaking as a woman”, just make your point without the preamble. People will know that youre a woman by noticing that what youre saying is wrong.
Pisses me right off!..
Especially when a guy
(who used to basically be my step dad.... not joking.)
GOT 40 YEARS!!!!!!!!!! 😡
What did he do you ask?...
He drove...
(under the threat of his girlfriend..
[being my mum..at the time]
and his family..
[being me and his own mum]
being shot)
a close friend of his around a bit........
Who critically injured his ex partner with a sawed off shotgun,
Then shot her new boyfriend..who later died,
Then went on to shoot a police officer in the face through the officers side window.. resulting in the officer being permanently blinded in both eyes.
My (basically) step-dad didn't pull a trigger at all............
So if what you're saying about this bitch is true.......
Only getting......
8 years..........
In a place where the death penalty is. 😐😕 Wow!
(The crime I'm referring to happened in United Kingdom)
Sorry about the rant. You're comment about 8 years got me riled up about the justice system.
P.S...... Yes i like putting lots of full stops and starting new lines 😂.
get off this site retard